Great Master Wonhyo
-- enlightened intellectual of Shilla,
most respected and beloved monk --
Wonhyo Pilgrimage Trail
inaugural trek Dec 2011
2nd Trek September 2012
twin portraits of Korea's most-famous ancient master-monksin their later years:
Uisang-daesa (left) and his close friend Wonhyo-daesa (right)  from Cheonseong-san
the famous portrait of Wonhyo-daesa at Bunhwang-sa Temple in Gyeongju
Statue of Wonhyo in Seoul's Hyochang Park
The portrait of Wonhyo enshrined at the Kouzanji Temple of Kyoto in Japan.
"his appearance is that of a fiery young warrior"
"Master Wonhyo lecturing on the Vajrasamādhi Sūtra"
Wonhyo's famous enlightenment -- see this page
Golden Statue of Wonhyo in Buddha-mode, and paintings of scenes of his life,
the Main Altar of Jeseok-sa, the temple on his birthplace, in Gyeongsang City.