Launch of the Prototype Trek of the
Wonhyo Pilgrimage Trail
Gyeongju City
December 4th, 2011 / 2555 / 4344
Dinner together the evening before, to celebrate finally getting underway after 4 years of discussing
and developing this project.   From Left:  Pilgrim Chris McCarthy,  Tourism Prof Byeon Woo-hee,
Tourism Prof David A Mason,  
Gyeongju-Blogger Sherwin Jones,  Monk Sang-min Seunim,  
Pilgrim-leader Tony MacGreggor,  Prof David Watermeyer,  and Prof Michael Drummond.
The next morning, December 4th 2011, we
met at
Bunhwang-sa -- one of Gyeongju's
most-famous temples due to its faux-brick
pagoda-ruins -- because it is recorded that
Wonhyo often lived here while in the capital.  
There is a large portrait of the Great Master,
possibly the oldest extant one, in the
Bogwang-jeon Main Hall, and we bowed in
front of it, three times in traditional Korean
Buddhist style, before starting to walk.
Tony and Chris plan to walk the entire route by Christmas, finishing at Dangjin.  
David W will join them for various sections of the way, as will some others.  
We five companions made the initial leg of the journey of this fine sunny Sunday.
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