Korean Daoist Temple
Zhongnan-shan  Geumseon-gwan's
Xuandu-tan  Altar-Peak
This amazing crag soars up over the Geumseon-gwan Korean Daoist shrine-complex in the sacred
Zhongnan-shan Mountains, almost directly south of Xian.  It has been improved with stoneworks to
create a round flat "platform" [臺,
tai, dae]  top, which is used for grand Daoist ceremonies.  It offers
a stunning view of the Cuihua-shan area of north-central Zhongnan-shan.  It is said that the Korean
Daoist Grand-Master Sage  
Kim Ga-gi  practiced and taught here at the end of the 7th Century,
becoming a
shinseon [spirit-immortal], and that Chinese Daoists saw his ghost ascend to Heaven
from this platform-peak in the springtime of 856 CE  
(one year before Go-un Choi Chi-won was born!).
My shots of its NE face from the parking-lot during our visit to the Geumseon-gwan
in August 2014 -- we didn't get to climb up there, unfortunately -- we were
supposed to do that during the big ceremony the next day, but that was
cancelled by Chinese security authorities, so we never returned.  Next time....
Looking up at its northern face from the Geumseon-gwan gateway
seen from its southwest
seen from its northeast