Zhongnan-shan  Cuihua-shan's
Korean Daoist Temple
In the Qinling Mountains,  Sacred Daoist Range,  south of Xian
our visit and ritual in August 2014

X Geumseon-gwan
eastern part of Zhongnan-shan Mountains
Location of Zhongnan-shan Geumseon-gwan Shrine, in the central region of the Qinling Mountain Range
The Geumseon-gwan or "Golden Immortal Hall" is a Korean Daoist shrine-complex in the southern-slope
crags of Cuihua-shan in the sacred Zhongnan-shan Mountains, almost directly south of Xian.

It was established and constructed in 2004 by Korean Daoist GrandMaster Choi Byeong-ju,
to honor and enshrine the 8th-Cen Korean Daoist Sage Kim Ga-gi, who is believed
to have practiced and taught on this site, and is still venerated by Chinese Daoists.
Main Front Gate of the Geumseon-gwan Temple-complex, in a stone-cliff "dragon's gateway"
2011 brochure, telling its history and development since 2004
the steep valley is named Ja-o-gok (in Korean)
Ceremonial Parade being led by Geumseon-gwan Abbot, entitled Qing-chen Daoren (Cheongjin Dosa in K)
The Cheonbu-gyeong [Heavenly-Amulet Sutra], a key Korean Daoist text, hung on the wall.
residential rooms
"A Foundation-Site of Korean Daoism" gateway to the path leading up to Hyeondo-dan altar-peak
Logo-insignia, in new and old styles
Main Hall,  festooned for 10th Anniversary Ceremony
Inside the Main Hall
Lineage of Daoist Masters of this School
Palgwae / Bagua symbols on the cushions
Looking east from the Main Hall,  a view of the NanWutai-si [NamOdae-sa] Buddhist temple.
Guardian-spirit Shrine at the entraceway
Opening Ceremony in 2006, before they built the "Front Porch" and 9-dragon Wall