Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
-- Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine --
is available for hikers and cultural-explorers!
with complete maps, full hiking info, plenty of color photos and
descriptions of the historical & cultural sites along the way!
Original Edition, no longer for sale, by
Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch (authors),  with David A. Mason (contributing editor)
Published by Seoul Selections Books,  July 2010;    updated 3rd Printing 2013
including an essay on the conservation-policies by Shawn James Morrissey
Any questions to me?   mail to:
The "2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition Team"  L to R:  expedition originator/leader  & chief writer Roger
Shepherd,  researcher & contributing-editor David A. Mason and expedition-hiker & writer Andrew Douch
Front and Back Covers