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1999 ~ 2020
For a few weeks of the late Spring of 2002 I was the guest of the well-known book-author-interview internet-site
"Inkwell.vue" (run by
The Well discussion-forum of San Francisco, where I've been a member since 1993).  A
bunch of us talked about my book
Spirit of the Mountains and the related issues.  The slightly-edited transcript is
posted here.  It contains a lot of good background info about San-shin and Korea, stories from my research, and
discussion about it all.  I think the whole discussion went off pretty well, but you can decide for yourself.
Please go to:
In 2004, two of my articles were featured by Yonhap News Agency World Service
on its English website's "Korean Culture, Yesterday and Today" section.
For  "Mountain Spirits Are Resurgent in Modern Korea"  see:
and for  "Shamanism Returns from Hiding in South Korea"   see:
Unfortunately, these articles seem to no longer be reachable on that site.

There have been interesting interviews with me about San-shin on KBS Radio,
KBS-TV, MBC-TV and Arirang-TV, that were posted on their websites, but they
are no longer there.  I'll get digital versions of them up here someday...
2010 weekly series of articles in the Korea Times newspaper, on the
greatest Icons of Korean Buddhism, sponsored by the Jogye Order --
then collectively published as a book that was distributed at the Seoul
G-20 Summit in November.   
The Book is shown HERE.
Appointment as PR Ambassador of the Baekdu-daegan Range
Interview-article about that in the Korea Herald  January 2011
‘Baekdu-daegan long overlooked’
American professor uncovers Korean culture intertwined with the mountain trail
Booklet on the Ancient Spiritual Forest Culture of the Baekdu-daegan Range
distributed at a U.N. Conference,  October 2011