the strong links between
Mountain-spirits and Korean Ginseng
for full explanation and several more great photos,
see pages 63-66 in the First Edition of my book.
Ceremony for the Jin-ak-san San-shin, held at midnight on Madang-bawi
at the eastern foot of Jin-ak Mountain, to open the Geumsan
[high-quality Korean Ginseng] Festival of September 2002
Geumsan [Golden Mountain] is a county just south of Daejeon City in South
Chungcheong Province.  It claims to be the first place in the world to cultivate ginseng,
after a root with seeds was given to a local man by the Jin-ak San-shin.  It remains
very proud of the quality of its
insam, and holds this festival every September.
And then this full-scale Confucian-style ceremony,
with music, is held early the following morning at the
Gae-sam-teo [origin of cultivated ginseng] site:
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