in the First Printing of the First Edition (11/99):

The only really big one is on page 58 -- the photo there is completely wrong; it should be the one on
the back cover, a close-up of the Pal-gong-san Wonhyo-am San-shin holding a gnarled staff with a
ginseng root and a sprig of
bullo-cho tied on it with a brown ribbon.  The caption on page 58 is
correct for this photo, which can be seen on this web-site at the bottom of my "Order this Book" page.

At the top of page 214, the Ho-bul-sa caption, "77 statves" should be "77 statues", of course.

In the caption at the bottom of page 184 "that sextagonal gak" refers to the small 6-sided shrine in the
main compound of Haein-sa, to the left of the Main Hall, that once held all three of these paintings.

Other than that, there are just a few minor typos in other captions and in the glossary.

As of November 2002, there is a Second Printing of the First
Edition, in which all these errors are corrected.
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