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The 1999 Dong-ak San-shin-je
held at the Dong-ak-dan
during Wonju-shi Chiak-je
[ceremony for the Spirit of the Eastern Mountain,
held at the "Eastern Peak Shrine"
during the "Pheasant Crags Festival"
of Wonju City, Kangwon-do]
The historical background and purpose of this ceremony
is described on page 156 of my book, and there is a
photo of the shine on the preceeding page.
the parade on the main streets of Wonju City which preceeded the ceremony
The Mayor of Wonju City, Han Seong-ju, was the Leading Officiant
at the 1999 performance of the
Dong-ak-je.   This was a
then-very-rare public endorsement of San-shin traditions by a
highly-placed, elected public official; I was very pleased to see it.
The San-shin painting now in the Dong-ak-dan.
A boy prepares tea, San-shin holds a
white-crane-feather-fan, an angelic girl holds a "peach
of immortality" and a pair of white cranes stand by.
This Neo-Confucian-style ritual dates
back to the end of the 14th Century, and
offers respect and gratitude to the spirit
of Chi-ak-san (1288 meters at
"Buddha of Cosmic Light Peak"