Dr. Zo Zayong
[Jo Ja-yong]
4258~4333  (1925~2000)
Korea's Champion
of its Folk-Arts
and Traditional Religions
myself in Korean clothing, offering rice-wine at Zo
Zayong's 100-days-after-death ritual, in his
compound at Sogni-san, April 2000.   
Photo by Dirk Schlottmann of Germany.
The biseok was installed and unveiled on November 14th, 2010

We who venerate Dr Zo's spirit, cherish our memories of him and continue his efforts gathered
down at his tomb and his Samshin-Hoegwan Teaching-Center (the former Emille Museum),
in the southern area of Sogni-san National Park, on Saturday-Sunday 2010.11.13~14.   
There was a Seminar on Saturday afternoon, and then a dinner with drinks.  

We collected enough funds for a standing-stone memorial-monument to be inscribed for him,
and we all unveiled that biseok In a traditional ceremony at his tomb, starting at 10am on
Sunday morning!   See this page for maps & info on where the tomb is, and
see this page for photos of it.