First Annual Meeting of the Korean
Society for Spirit
(Shamanic Deities) Studies
with Seminar and Gut-ritual Performance
National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul
November 24th,  2007
the Panel of Presenters, answering questions from the audience
Our dynamic leader and my old friend Dr Yang Jong-seung, Senior Curator of Korea's National Folk
Museum.  He gave a special introduction to my-even-older friend Alan Heyman, our honored eldest member;  
probably no non-Korean has more knowledge and experience of Korean Shamans and what they do.
Dr Yang presents a Membership Certificate to my old friend Fred Jeremy
Seligson, semi-retired professor of English and another long-time foreign
scholar of Korean-Shamanic-related topics.  We are both on the Board of
Directors of this Association, and on its Journal Editorial Committee.
Alan talks to Jin Seong-gi, senior expert on
the native Shamanic culture of Jeju-do Island,
Founder and Director of the Jeju Folk Museum
Listening seriously to the comments by Mr Mu Se-chong, a close comrade of my late metor Zo Zayong
Keynote speech by my old friend Kusan-seunim,
retired master of the Taego Order and scholar
Keynote speech on the importance of correctly
understanding Korea's shamanism by Dr Yang
my own presentation of my latest research paper
We finished with a two-hour performance of a "real" Ghost-Pacifying Ritual in the South Chungcheong Province style, by
Daejeon City designated-expert Shamans: Mr. Shin Bong, Ms. Seong Sun-Ja, Mr. Bang Sung-Gu and Mr. Han Deok.   An
elderly couple and their two children were the authentic Clients being psychologically healed; we were privileged to watch.
And of course, we all finished the day at a fine Samcheong-dong restaurant, with a wonderful
full-course Korean meal, featuring plenty of drinking, conviviality and comradeship.