the Sam-Hwangje Baehyang
삼황제 배향
[Memorial Ceremony for Three Emperors]

Korea's Living Link to the Ming Dynasty
in context -- shot from up on the western hill

Daetong-haengmyo  [Practice of Great Leadership Shrine]
(a.k.a. Jojong-myo; near the Jojong-am inscribed-boulder, reconstructed 1958 & 1980)
Gapyeong-gun County of Gyeonggi-do Province
April  1989
Lined up ready to begin, but still arguing about the procedural details
the late scholar "Song-heon" Jeong
Hae-seung leaves the shrine after
his offering, with focued sincerity
men (relatives of the officiants,
mostly), hang out at the shrine's
entrance, waiting for the meal
that was served afterwards
Mr. Pung Yeong-seop (in white beard and round kat), descendant of
a high-class Ming refugee to Korea
(360 years ago) and other officiants.  
No women would normally be allowed at this ceremony, but my reseach-
assistant/translator Ms. Yun was an exception on this day.
Pung Yeong-seop enters
getting underway