Our Trip to North California
in February 2008
Page One:  San Francisco
In "everybody's favorite city"
we stayed with dear old
friends Mel and Joan in
their wonderful co-op
retirement-castle, the
San Francisco Towers
in Pacific Heights.
One Day in Berkeley:  shopping on Telegraph Avenue and spending some time in the KPFA
radio studio during its annual Grateful Dead fund-raising marathon DJed by my friend David Gans
coffee in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood with excellent old friends Mary and Charles
Here we are going to visit San Francisco's newly-reopened Asian Art Museum / Chong-Moon Lee Center
for Asian Art and Culture, now in Civic Center, featuring the incredible Avery Brundage Collections and now
one of the largest such institutions in
the world, to "inspect" their Korea
Gallery.  It is only three rooms, much
too small compared with the China,
Japan and etc galleries, but does
have some ceramic pieces from the
Goryeo Dynasty that are National
Treasure quality and totally delightful
to view...  sorry, no photos were
permitted inside the museum.