19th Century Sanshin-do
with Palgwae I Ching Trigrams in Hat
in the Museum of Shamanism, Seoul
Shamanic-style Sanshin-do [Mountain-spirit Painting with the I Ching
8 trigrams 주역 팔괘 in his crown, and a yin-yang swirl in their center...
very Daoist, very meaningful about the universal values of harmonious
balance. This is a treasure of the Museum of Shamanism, formerly in
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, and now over west in Eunpyeong-gu.

The tiger is Joseon-folkish
, whiter than usual with comic lepord-spots.
The boy attendant (dongja) holds a giant leaf-fan as banner/parasol,
with wine-bottle attached.  The girl attendant holds a flowering lotus
(symbolizing enlightenment) sprig with two bullocho sprigs 영지버섯
tied-on.  The mountain-king with intense eyes holds a fan of white
crane feathers, which is classic, and a short plain staff (more like an
elder's cane than a master's mountain-staff!) in the other hand
.  He sits
on the tiger as if it were the back of a couch, uncomfortably.  There is
a long thin waterfall on the left side, parallel to the pine-trunk, with
several more growing

Magnificent!!  One of my favorites....