Seminar and Publicity-Event about Baekdu-daegan
Held by the Korea Forest Research Institute
at Mungyeong Saejae Pass  on June 10th 2010
featuring speeches by Director-General Shin Jun-hwan,
Professor David A. Mason  and  Poet Ko Un
Posing for magazine photographers in front of Jo-ryeong 3rd Gate

The field on the east side of the 3rd Gate, our site for this event
Event-banner posted at the Gate's portal,  and Shawn next to a Baekdu-daegan Map down at the Park entrance
On Thursday June 10th of 2010, we held an outdoor public Seminar and tourism-publicity-event about
the Baekdu-daegan, the gigantic mountain-system “Spine of Korea”, its cultural history and natural
ecology, and the Trail now running 735 km along its crest within the ROK
(from Jiri-san up past Seorak-san).   

This event was organized and hosted by the
Korea Forest Research Institute  국립산림과학원 or “Gungnip
Sanrim Gwahagwon
.     It was held under the open sky up at the Jo-ryeong Pass Third Gate in the
Mungyeong-Saejae Provincial Park, right on the crest of the Baekdu-daegan range-line itself.  
The overall theme was: "Historical Significance and Traditional Knowledge of the Baekdu-daegan".

(Kyung Hee Tourism Prof David A. Mason) spoke for 30 minutes on "Baekdu-daegan, From Korea to the World".
The two other speakers were KFRI Director-General Shin Joon-hwan, and the famed poet
Ko Un (disciple
Great Zen Master Hyobong, democracy & human-rights activist, now perennially nominated for Nobel Literature Prize --
see more
here and here -- he has been highly praised by Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, M McClure and L Ferlinghetti.
He read his poems, such as here and here, and echoed my own thoughts on the spiritual value of these mountains --
we felt a warm comradeship.

About 200 Korean and international-residents attended, including professors and leaders, giving an enthused
response to the presentations.  Everyone hiked together through the Mungyeong-Saejae Jo-yeong Pass, viewing
the historic buildings, waterfalls and named-outcroppings, and had a good time on the Baekdu-daegan.  That
evening we feasted on wild pheasant at Suanbo Hot Springs, washed-down with copious soju -- toasting in
"Baekdu-daegan Sanwang-daeshin"!!
This event was covered by many media outlets, including television news, newspapers and
magazines concerned with mountains -- their reports appeared all during the subsequent week.   
Five of these interviewed me, and some of the resulting clips and articles are online, and here
are a few just for example (all are in Korean):

Pandorda TV -- K-TV report   includes great shots from a helicopter, and quick clips of Ko Un, myself & etc.

same report is also here on the site

Naver News article

NewsTown Korea article
posing with Ko Un
wore a different shirt to hike up there
KFRI Director-General Shin Joon-hwan speaks on preservation policies for Baekdu-daegan villages and forests
Ko Un imparts his fierce, gentle, humorous, hard-earned wisdom  -- read text of his speech
Watching a performance of the Mungyeong Arirang folksong in a pavilion near the 2nd Gate,
while drinking Ommija Makkeolli (rice-wine flavored with medicinal berries).
at a pause on the trail down
dancin' fun at the Suanbo party that evening