our Son  Davayn Philip Enojo Mason
in Seoul, Korea     March~April 2012
Oh lawdy-mama, I got dem mean-ol'  First Haircut Blues!
fashionable mommy & happy baby checking out the Cherry Blossoms, southern Seoul, April 2012
All bundled-up against the Korean winter, in March
(one might think that he'd dislike the Korean cold, be he was just fine
with going out in it nearly every day, and never even caught a virus...)
Teeth!  no problems with them, yet...  he loves to bite, including parents
"Hey Buddy, she's MINE.  ya better stop lookin' at her, before i feeds ya a knuckle sandwich."
inseparable, on the rooftop parking-lot of a Seoul CostCo megamart
"Here I Come!"  --  taking his entertainment seriously
turnin' on the charm at home
tourist of Rome's Trevi Fountain -- or at least its replica at Jamshil District's Lotte Dept Store
Checkin' out the Rides  --  not quite ready for a Harley yet...
enjoying blossoms in the local park
never a shortage of love...
He knows he's got it good.
First Date:  taking a pretty Chinese girl out for
dinner & a movie, in his jauntiest cap.
"QUIET, woman, ahm tryin' to DRIVE here!"
(right there, he ruins his chance for a goodnight kiss)