Alan Heyman's
80th Birthday Party
Saturday, May 28th, 2011
Held in his home just a month after Alan was awarded a national Medal of Honor for his lifelong
service to
Guk-ak [traditional Korean music & dance] by the Prime Minister,  which we also
celebrated.  Several luminaries of that realm are shown here as attendees, honoring Alan and his life's
Alan first came to Korea in 1955 with the US Army; he returned in 1958 with the Peace Corps and has
rarely left since, becoming one of the first non-Korean citizens of this Republic.  No "outsider" has ever
known more about, or done as much of and for, Korean Shamanism and all its related art-forms...
Interview with Alan by the US Embassy  (Korean War memories)
(click on Oral Histories & Video Files section to find interview and photos)

Korea Herald interview-article  "Half a Century with Korean Music"  June 2011