"Go-un"  Choi Chi-won
고운 최치원   孤雲 崔致遠
Korea's great Confucian-Daoist-Buddhist,
Poet, Administrator, Patriot and Diplomat;
the "Lone Cloud" Sage-Hero
His life, achievements and legacy
are thoroughly explained in this book,
and sites associated with him listed,
for the first time in English
two of the various modern portraits of Master Lonely-Cloud
Solitary Sage:
The Profound Life, Wisdom and Legacy
of Korea's "Go-un" Choi Chi-won

2016 2nd Edition,  available only as an E-book PDF:
contact me at mntnwolf@yahoo.com to buy one for $10
Academic Quality,  yet easily readable by the public
214 pages, 310 footnotes
of glossary and references
extensively researched and organized
many photos of historic paintings of him and sites associated with him

I.  Introduction to the Solitary Sage

II.  The Background of His Wisdom
1.        Earliest Korean Daoism
2.        Preceding Historical Korean Daoism
3.        The Choi Clan of Shilla

III.  His Auspicious Conception and Birth

IV.  His Youth and Early Studies in Tang China

V.  His Early Adulthood in Tang China

VI.  His Maturity and Official Service Back in Shilla

VII.  His Attainment of Wisdom in Decades of Daoist Traveling

VIII.  His Attainment of Spiritual Immortality at the End of His Life

IX.  His Legacy in the Goryeo Dynasty

X.  His Legacy in the Joseon Dynasty

XI.  His Legacy in Modern Korea
1.        Pungryu, Korea’s “Wind-Flowing” Cultural-Theme
2.        The
Cheonbu-gyeong, Holy Seondo Scripture
3.        As a Progenitor of Korean Literature
4.        Associated Ceremonial and Tourism Sites
5.        National Spirit

XII.  His International Legacy;  
Summary and Concluding Thoughts

Bibliography and References
Appendix A:  Sites Associated with Choi Chi-won
Appendix B:  Translation of the
Appendix C:  Additional Photos
Biographical Note about the Author