Seminar on Fresh Research about
"Go-un" Choi Chi-won
Gyeongnam National University, Masan
I attended this Seminar on Friday, November 9th 2018, at Gyeongnam University's Masan Campus,
of Changwon City.   Among all their other topics of fresh findings, we discussed my ongoing research,
prospects for a new edition of my book, and plans for "Go-un" Choi Chi-won tourism programs....
I presented my most interesting new discoveries.
Interview with MBC-TV, before the Seminar
Choi Byeong-ju, Korean Seondo Daoist GrandMaster, Chairman of the Go-un
International Cultural Exchange Society, speaks about new developments.
a new Memorial Hall for Sage Go-un, soon to open in Hamyang Town
My Turn
My Proposal, greeted with enthusiasm
the inevitable banquet of Masan seafoods, that evening