Artworks from the Goryeo Dynasty
from an exhibition of North Korean Artifacts
at the National Museum of Korea, Seoul
Summer 2006
stunning life-size bronze statue of dynasty-founding-
king Goryeo Taejo Wang Geon, from the royal shrine
in Gaeseong City, cast in 943.  This is the only statue
of a Korean king that I'm aware of...  and thus an
invaluble National Treasure of the DPRK.
Goryeo Cheongja  celadon pottery, for green tea and Buddhist rituals
probably 12th Century
Amazing stone statue, about one
meter tall, of
the Bodhisattva of Compassion
from Gwaneum-sa Temple, Gaeseong City
probably 12th Century      National Treasure
exhibition at the National Museum in 2010, from various Korean and Japanese museums
the best book on Korean pottery
Tombs of King Gongmin and his Queen Noguk, at Gaeseong Songak-san