Okcheon-gun  Gasan-sa
remote temple east of Daejeon City
October 2008
Gasan-sa lies deep in the low nearly-nameless mountains of Annammyeon District of Okcheon-gun
[Jade Stream County] of North Chungcheong Province, in-between Daejeon City
(and now the huge
Daecheong Lake formed by damming the Geum-gang River)
to its west and Sangju City to its east.  It was
founded in the late Shilla Dynasty, destroyed in the Goryeo era, rebuilt in Joseon by razed again
during the Korean War; it has now been rebuilt in a humble fashion.  It remains little-known and
rarely-visited, but has hosted its own Dangun-je Ritual-Festival for the past 27 years
(see next page).  
I visited it well after midnight during the 4341 (2008) event...
the charming small Sanshin-gak behind the Main Hall
Gasan-sa's Mountain-spirit painting, with very-rare off-white robe
detail view #1
detail view #2
Shinjung-taenghwa  in the Main Hall
San-shin and Yong-wang
in that Shinjung icon
simple Confucian-style interior of the Former Master's Shrine
unique and remarkable ending of the 10-Ox Paintings series around the exterior of the Main Hall --
this is #5 on the left, and a then a combination-version of #6, #8 and #9 !!!