An Encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism
by the Venerable scholar-
biguni Hyewon and Professor David A. Mason
Published at the beginning of 2014  by Unju-sa Publishers, Seoul
Hardcover,  650 pages,  hundreds of photos & diagrams
ISBN #9788957463666
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they are in error about publication date, the author's names and in saying that it's paperback  {sigh}
Available in major Korean bookstores, Korean online booksellers and directly from Unju-sa Publishers
(so far, hard to find on international book-selling websites)
the Author is no longer directly selling copies
the Preface  and first page:
Other Sample Pages:
Historical Chart  and the  Heart Sutra   (other key scriptures are also presented in English)
useful and interesting technical diagrams
Three Indexes  in English alphabet,  Chinese characters  and  Han-geul alphabet
This volume was sponsored by and created under the
auspices of the mainstream Jogye Order of Korean
Buddhism and Dongguk Buddhist University, and is
an attempt to get the terminology of Korean Buddhism
"right" and to make semi-official standards for how it is
expressed in English.   The new and improved system
of Romanization is used, so that the terms correspond
with those used on official Korean websites and in all
up-to-date scholarship and journalism about Korea.
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