My Presentation on Temple-Stay and the
Baekdu-daegan Trail
as "Green Tourism"
to ToSSoK on Anmyeon-do    
July 2009
this was at the Annual Conference of the Tourism Sciences Society of Korea
(TOSOK or ToSSoK), the nation's largest academic tourism association and yearly
gathering), entitled "International Conference on New Tourism in South Korea:
Envisioning a New Tourism Paradigm: Low Carbon and Green Growth".
sorry that the pix are too dark, but my camera's flash is inadequate for this -- my jacket is actually gray!
coming soon:  APTA  Incheon  2009
It was  held in the lovely and elaborate Lotte Ocean Castle Resort on a west-coast (Yellow Sea)
beach of Anmyeon-do Island, Taean County, South Chungcheong Province, on July 1-3 2009.    
I presented my reformatted / updated research paper "Mountain-Adventure Tourism
Combined With Religious Heritage Sites:  A Fresh Paradigm for Sustainable-Green
Destination-Development in Korea -- the Potential of the Baekdu-daegan Trail and
the Temple-Stay Program to Attract Foreign Visitors"
.   This was well-received...
Above: in front of the hotel

Left:  the photographer i brought
   along for this event

Below:  official dinner for the profs,
above the beach, with live music
While leaving the island to drive
back home we visited the mildly-
Anmyeon-am, largest
and most-scenic temple there.