My Presentations on Religious Tourism
of the emerging Baekdu-daegan Trail
to TOSOK in Busan and APTA in Bangkok
July 2008
prominent delegates of the Annual Conference of the Tourism Sciences Society of Korea
(TOSOK, the nation's largest academic tourism association and yearly gathering) held in
Busan City on July 3-5 2008.    I presented my new research paper "The Baekdu-daegan
Trail’s Burgeoning into a New Religious-Pilgrimage Tourism Asset of South Korea"
APTA Bangkok 2008:
Just 6 days after TOSOK Busan, I was in Bangkok Thailand attending the 2008
Annual Conference of the
Asia-Pacific Tourism Association (the main regional
academic tourism association and yearly gathering), presenting my related research paper
"Identification and Analysis of the Interests of the Stakeholders Involved in the Emergence
of Korea’s Baekdu-daegan Trail as a Religious and Adventure Tourism Destination"
with a somewhat similar powerpoint show.   No photos of me presenting have yet surfaced...  
but anyway, it went well and a good time was had by all.
group-shot on our field-trip to the northern royal palace compound
the 2008 Board of Directors