My Lecture on the Sanshin Traditions
of the Gangneung Dano-je Festival
for the Kyung Hee Graduate School of Peace Studies
Special Summer Program,  June 2008
in Gangneung City,  on the East Coast
About 30 students and four professors attended this trip (sponsored by Gangneung City's Tourism
.   I visited the Gulsan-sa Temple Site of 9th-Cen Zen-Master Beomil-guksa that
morning.  That afternoon i led them on an afternoon's tour of
the San-shin and Guksa-Seonghwang
Shrines 700-m up on the Daegwan-ryeong {Taegwallyeong} Pass (where it was totally socked-in with
dense fog, making a mystical scene), then to the "Female Guksa-Seonghwang San-shin" Shrine
in a downtown neighborhood.
That evening i gave a 2-hour Lecture putting it all together, about the complex San-
shin traditions that are still the most important factors involved in the Gangneung
Dano-je Festival, Korea's largest and most-successful such annual event.
And as a finale we toured Gangneung's most famous attraction Ojeuk-heon (Black Bamboo
Mansion/Shrine, the birthplace of Neo-Confician philosopher Yulgok Yi I)
-- that was all we had time for.