Postal Stamps of Korea's
Mythical Founding-King Dan-gun
issued in early 2008
The myth is retold in simplified form on these stamp sheets, in both Korean and English.   What is interesting, and
somewhat disturbingly ominous, is that simple declarative language is used, as if it's really something that happened
and not a myth; and it starts with the hope of "enhancing the historical consciousness" of Koreans, as if history is being
recounted here.   Strange to have that coming from an organ of the national government, which used to have nothing
to do with promoting the Dan-gun ideology as a foundation of national identity (leaving that to the religious and spiritual
groups, where i believe it belongs).   Along with the 2007 exhibition at the National Museum of ancient but unidentifiable
Bronze Age implements borrowed from North Korea that included labeling and commentary stating that they were
definitely from "Gojoseon, the original Korean kingdom", this is another quite notable step towards official recognition
of this myth and all the unverified and unlikely claims of ancient Korean kingdoms that has become attached to it as
actual "history"...