Images of Hwan-ung (Son of the Lord
of Heaven / Father of King Dan-gun)
and Ung-nyeo  (Dan-gun's Mother)
The myth of "Holy Hwan-ung", son of Hwan-in the Lord [Emperor] of Heaven and father of King Dan-gun,
the 12th Cen].  He willingly descended from Heaven to "
Taebaek-san" [Grand White Mountain, actual
location unknown] and founded a "Spiritual City", bringing Bronze-Age culture and government to the
primitive proto-Korean tribes around there.  Portraits of him are quite rare in Korea -- there is no
"typical" style.  I have no evidence that any were ever made before the late 20th Century.  Here, he sits
on the ground in a forest, wearing robes of leaves and animal-skins (echoed in the mantle of leaves on
the shoulders of some San-shin and dongja figures).  These are symbols of "a man of nature", a ruler in
primitive times, and used in some Chinese Daoist deities.  Throughout this website there are several
examples of this motif echoed in San-shin paintings.  Black hair and beard, no crown.

Hwan-ung is shown here with a bear and a tiger, who desire to become human.  He is presenting them
with the way to do so -- garlic (in the bear's mouth) and mugwort (in his hand).

He is sort of the "Grandfather of all San-shin".
holding the sacred herbs, before it won the
"contest" over the tiger and transformed into
Ung-nyeo [bear-woman].  Lord Hwan-ung mated
with her, and became the mother of Dan-gun,
King  of the first Korean Kingdom (see page 208
in my book).  Ung-nyeo then drops out of all
Korean stories, art and religion, curiously -- This
is an extremely rare depiction of the bear, tigers
(extinct in Korea) are ubiquitous, but bears in
general (once common in Korean mountains, now
only a few remain) appear quite rarely.

These two paintings were shown to me by my
friend Professor Kim Sang-il.
This is an excellent depiction of Hwan-ung and Ung-nyeo (after her transformation,
San-shin always sit under) near the peak of "Taebaek-san" (here depicted as
Baekdu-san, with its Lake of Heaven).  The tiger, having failed to become human,
This is an excellent depiction of Hwan-ung and Ung-nyeo (after her transformation,
walks away.  The Sun & Moon [yin & yang] both shine above, as in many Korean
obviously).  They stand next to the Holy Tree (birch?) and a pine (like those which
Shamanist paintings.  This painting was done by modern Korean artist Lee Sook-ja
in 1999, after she visited North Korea.
Another painting of Hwan-ung, with his father and his son,  is shown on this page.
the Sam-seong  [Three Sage-Saints] in woodcarings at the Mok-A Museum in Yeoju
The opening of Heaven?  -- this is a real photo, it's a rare but actual natural phenomenon!
Dan-gun banner at the annual  Taebaek-san  Cheon-je  Ceremony
2012.010.03,  Gwanhwamun Plaza