2005   general-interest Book:

beautiful photographs by Marc Verin
with essays and captions by David A. Mason
The best "coffee-table book" about Korea
Trail Guidebook
Written by R. Shepherd and A. Douch;
David A. Mason as Contributing Editor
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Latest Book, on Choi Chi-won,  March 2016
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BOOKS  and major Journal Articles
published 1988~2016
by Prof. David A. Mason
2011   my research-paper on the Baekdu-daegan
Region as a fresh pilgrimage-tourism destination was
published by the U.N. World Tourism Organization in
its monumental academic-book "
Religious Tourism in
Asia and the Pacific
":  http://www.e-unwto.org/content/lk7u77/
"Modern Hotel English"  Choishin Hotel Yeong-eo,
published by Hollym International Publishing
of Seoul, in 1988, and reprinted until 1999.  

also "POSCO Business English" published by
the Pohang Steel Company, in August 1987.
1991      Researched and wrote academic journal article on the
history and significance of the
Sam-hwang-je Bae-hyang, a 400-year-old
Korean Neo-Confucian Ceremony.   Published in the
Korea Journal,
Autumn 1991 edition, by the UNESCO Seoul office.
1993   "KOREA: A Sensory Journey",  coffee-
table book of essays on Korea by David A. Mason with
photos by Marc Verin;  Woojin Publishers, Seoul.
1997   KOREA  
a travel-guide-book for the entire nation,
published by Lonely Planet of Melbourne,
Australia.  (co-authored with Robert Storey).
2011    The Korean
Forest Culture of
the Baekdu-daegan:
Spiritual and Folk Heritages
along Korea’s Grand “Tiger’s
Spine” Mountain-System
David A. Mason, author and R. Shepherd photos & layout
Booklet published by the Korea Forest Service
and distributed at the United Nations Conference
to Combat Desertification held in Changwon City.
1999    SPIRIT of the
San-shin and Traditions
of Mountain-worship
Hollym Publishing Co., Seoul.
Researched and written 1988-1999.   
Reviewed, reported on and cited in many
media-forms, domestic and international.  
Awarded “best book of the year” by the
National Academy of Sciences, and then
translated to Korean and re-published in 2003.
Sept. 2001    "The Revival of Sanshin as a Key
Figure in Korean Religious Culture" presented
to the KICKS 2001 conference at Keimyung
University, Daegu;  published in their proceedings
volume Exploring the Origin of Homo Koreanus,
by Academia Koreana.

March 2001   "Taebaek-san and Its Ceremony to Heaven",
a feature article published in the Winter 2000 issue of the
journal / magazine Korean Culture, by the Korean Cultural
Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Jan. 2003    “Manual for Explaining Korea”, a collection of
29 speeches on topics of recent Korean Tourism, written by
myself and delivered by officials 2001-2, in Visit Dynamic
Korea (the Final Report of Visit Korea Year Program).

Oct. 2002    “Dynamic Korea”, a 55-page guide to the
achievements of modern Korea and its main tourist
attractions, in Busan Choir Olympics Guidebook.
2007 & 2008
Two research papers: “Jiri-san: Sacred Aspects and Assets” and
“Analysis and Development of Korea’s Baekdu-daegan Trail as an
Adventure Tourism Destination: Suggestions for Stakeholders” were published
in the
Tourism Research Journal (Gwan-gwang Yeon-gu Jeo-neol),
Vol. 21 & 22,  by the Korea Tourism Research Association (KTRA), Seoul.
2007 ~ 2016
A dozen or so other research papers on my various topics were published in a variety of international
academic journals, such as the Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea,  the Kyoto Journal,
Exploring Korea, International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture, Korean Heritage Quarterly of the
Cultural Heritage Administration, Journal of Tourism and Leisure Research, and Korean Culture Journal.
The Colors of
Korean Buddhism
David A. Mason as main author and Editor
Korea Times and 2010 G-20 Summit
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2017    Sports, Leisure and Games in Korea:
         A Sourcebook
Significant Traditional Resources for Modern Korean Cultural Tourism
By Lee Seung-jae and Lee Sang-won;  David A. Mason was Contributing Editor of this English version
Book published by the Academy of Korea Studies Press    SEE DETAILS HERE