(華山  Huà Shān;   Xīyuè 西岳)
China's Western Sacred Daoist-Imperial Mountain

The Western Great Imperial/Daoist Mountain [Xīyuè] is named Huà Shān 華山  
[Splendid, Illustrious, Flowery or Flower Mountain]  and sits in the southwestern corner of Shānxī
Province (as the last prominent mountains of the sacred
Qingling Range), with a 1,997-meter summit.
This is the only one of the Five Marchmounts that actually was a major residential, teaching, practice
and hermitage center of Chinese Daoism.  It still hosts many temples and shrines, although with little
authentic religious or spiritual practices being conducted, as far as I now know;  it is a very popular
tourism & pilgrimage destination.  Its upper hiking-trails are the most dangerous/precarious in the world!