China's Sacred Mountain
holy Western Buddhist Marchmount Peak,
dedicated to Bohyeon-bosal  /  Puxian
-- the Bodhisattva of Benevolent Action
Éméi Shān  峨眉山  ['Lofty-Eybrows' or 'Feathery-feelers of a Moth' Mountain;  A-mi-san in
Korean] is a magnificent set of peaks up to 3100 meters high (tallest of the 9 Grand Holy Mountains),
in Sichuan Province south of Chengdu City) -- yet it is really just a foothill of the great chains of lofty
mountains flowing westward into Tibet.   It is the "home" of 普賢
Pu-xian the Bodhisattva of Benevolent
Actions & Practice -- known in Korea as
Bohyeon-bosal, in Sanskrit as Samantabhadra.

This is Western of the "Four Primary Holy Buddhist Mountains" of China, each with one of the four
principal Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism thought to be residing at it.   It therefore serves as an
especially-effective practice-sites for veneration of this deitiy by devotees, so that his virtues can be
acquired within / adopted by the practitioners.  The resident Bodhisattva Bohyeon / Puxian may be
considered as the
Shanshen [Mountain-spirit; Sanshin in Korean] or Yueshen [Peak-spirit] of this
mountain, although Daoists and local people might venerate a separate native Shanshen.   
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