Juyeok-gyeong  Palgwae
or  I Ching  Bagua
Eight Trigrams of the Book of Changes
a cornerstone of Daoism and Korean Philosophy
two-part elongated Taegeuk and Palgwae, with 3 large flowers
and 4 small ones, in a good-fortune Joseon folk-painting,
in the Yeongwol Minhwa-do Museum
Joseon Dynasty flag used around 1800,
with all 8
Palgwae Trigrams, in the Earlier Heaven arrangement
Floor-cushion and rug from Qinling Zhongnan-shan Mtns' Geumseon-gwan, 2014
Floor-cushions from Qinling Zhongnan-shan Mtns' Louguan-tai Temple, 2014
Decorations in the Geumseon-gwan Main Hall
A palgwae amulet that I bought in an antique shop and sometimes wear
Both sides of a Late Joseon Dynasty Bagua Amulet coin, both Daoist
and Neo-Confucian in usage, in the Bank of Korea Currency Museum
In the Arrangement of Earlier Heaven [Cosmic Principles]
In the Arrangement of Later Heaven [Earthly Manifestations]