Sejong University Classes Spring 2021
Prof.  David A. Mason
Travel Agency Management
Monday-Wed 13:30~14:45     All-Online
Wednesday May 5th is National Children's Holiday
Wednesday May 19th is Buddha's Birthday Holiday

MIDTERM EXAM -- Wednesday April 21, 1:30
3 pages, short-answer fill-in-blanks (one-two sentence),
covers all Videos & Readings done after we started

1.  Imagine that you are working for a large travel-agency company
in your nation as a strategic planner, and you are assigned by your
boss to make a fresh-creative plan for new kinds of Tourism Programs
for people of your country visiting one other country -- Korean students
choose any other nation; our international students should do it about
(if there is something else you strongly want to cover, talk to me).

2.  Research the demographics of the outbound tourists from your
own nation, and decide which groups to focus upon.   Research the
possible attractions and tourism-resources of your target country (or
region, in such huge countries as USA, China or India).  Then think
of some fresh-creative plan for new kinds of Tourism Programs for the
outbound tourists from your own nation to enjoy in your target country.
Consider the desires & capabilities of your demographic group(s),
and the seasons/weather, the logistics (transport, accommodations,
meals). and calculate the prices for the tours and the expenses, and
then the profits for your company.

3.  Write a 6-page summary report of all this, in professional style.

4.   Chart/graph is okay if needed, but no photos!  MS-Word file or
PDF, your name & number at top, NO title-page needed.  Single-
spaced, regular margins and 12-point font!   Do NOT just copy
from any internet pages!  use footnotes as appropriate.

5. Send this to Prof. Mason by Thursday June 10th.
Be sure to include "TAM" in the email-subject, and your name & # in the text.

6.  Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
self-writing skills, professionalism and content quality;
and how well you follow the teachings and the above directions.