the Korean Edition of  Spirit of the Mountains:
Korea's San-shin and Traditions of Mountain-Worship,
(translated to Han-geul script)
These are still Available!
My price for the  2003 KOREAN EDITION  is w15,000 / US$12 (in Han-geul,  paperback)
which includes postage-cost for mailing within Korea.
Inquire by e-mail for international purchases.

It can be signed if you wish, and with a dedication if you so request.
Just e-mail me with your mailing address to:

Pleased understand that the covers of the remaining ones are a bit scuffed, from being
moved around in boxes for a decade -- brand-new, but might be a little scuffed.

You can transfer or deposit the money to:
Uri-eun-haeng / Woori Bank   account
These prices include first-class airmail postage.  Delivery guaranteed.

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Thank-you for your interest and support!
David A.Mason
Korean Edition,  alternate cover:   (no longer available for sale)