The Oldest Photo of a San-shin Painting
(that I have yet found)

From a 1907 book on Korea by a Christian
missionary, found in California

This is pretty standard for an old taeng-hwa: San-shin holds a feather-fan and strokes his beard, a surrealistic tiger looks on from his left, and a dongja boy holds a Zen-master's fly-wisk.  San-shin seems to sit on a high-backed throne in the Chinese style, which is quite rare.  The background, if any, cannot be seen.
     It's location is labeled as "Fuko-an, branch of Sinkei-sa, Diamond Mountains".  Trying to interpret the Japanese-colonial-era romanization, I would guess that this means Bu-go-am (hermitage) of Shin-gye-sa (temple) at Geum-gang-san (a National Park in North Korea, famous for its beautiful crags and abundant cultural relics; it was a major center of Korean Buddhism for 1000 years).  This painting probably no longer exists, at least in any publicly-accessible place.
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