worthwhile LINKS to sites about
Korean mountains and religions:
Temple-Stay Program:  Stay 24 hours in a Korean Zen-Buddhist Temple,
                            learning many traditional spiritual activities!

ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH:  great Tours of hundreds of sites in Korea and
Asia, semi-monthly Lectures on all aspects of Korean history and culture, an annual journal, and the best
collection of books about Korea in English for sale anywhere.  Located in Downtown Seoul.  Carries my book.

PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER:  The Sacred Sites Pilgrimage of Martin Gray
During the past two decades, Martin has visited and photographed over 1000 sacred sites in eighty countries.
This website discusses Martin's pilgrimage journeys, features many of his photographs and writings, lists of
sacred sites all around the world -- including my listing of Korea's holiest pilgrimage-places, calendar details
of his upcoming talks, shows & offers his excellent new book
Sacred Earth, and more.

Seondo Korean Daoism -- the International Institute for Sundo Taoist Cultural Research, led by Master
Kim Hyeong-mun at Hanseo University in Chungcheong-namdo.  AKA Kuksundo [Guk-seondo] Daoist practices.

Mountains of Korea:  excellent website on the secular aspects of them, complimentary to this site.

National Parks Authority of Korea:  Info on all National Parks, including many great mountains.

All that you ever wanted to know about Korean Green Tea by Ahn Sonjae (Brother Anthony)

Seoul Selection Bookstore:  all books on Korea in English, Korean DVDs, movie screenings,
                    newsletter, etc.   Located in Downtown Seoul, across from Gyeongbok Palace.  
                    Carries my books.

Immortal Wishes is an excellent book and web-site that explores experiences of place, sacred landscape
and spiritual transformation at a Shinto mountain shrine founded by a rural Japanese woman in
the 1920s.  The shrine is located on the slopes of Mt. Akakura, a sacred site in northern Japan.

Gary Rector's site on Korean Culture

Frank Tedesco's Writings on Korean Buddhism and Social Activism

Brian Barry's Korean Buddhist Art Site

Explore Korea -- in German: lots about Korean culture in German language, by Dirk S. & friends

Need any Korean-->English translations done?   Contact
Charles Mark Mueller

Korea Information Service: Government-run News & Info site, all about South Korea

Korea National Tourism Organization: tourism & travel information

Korea's Ministry of Culture and Tourism:  lots of info on Korean culture & sights

To Become a Sage: Prof. Michael Kalton's translation of and commentary on the core of Yi Toegye's philosophy

Mok-Ah Museum of Buddhist Art: amazing wood-carvings and paintings -- near Yeoju City

Korean Shamans Homepage: all in Korean, no English

Korean Faces: a very interesting long essay by the Seoul Arts Center.
    Especially note their page on the paintings of Korean Shamanism.

Geumjeong-san Beomeo-sa Temple of Busan City has a great new website

Green Korea United  and  Korean Federation for Environmental Movement
       (KFEM) are leading environmental activist organizations.

Korea On The Rocks  is a web site full of all kinds of information about rock-climbing and
         ice-climbing throughout Korea, contributed to by many expat climbers.

Korea Animation:  great time-changing map of early Korean history

Dale's Korean Temple Adventures -- a great blog

"Chris Backe in South Korea"  travel-blog

Ed Provencher's "Tigers & Magpies" travel-blog

Lighthouses - a growing list of everything about lighthouses from around the world

Green Shinto Blog -- fascinating views of Japanese culture

Intro to Korean Architecture