Baekdu-daegan Site front-page
Brochure of Baekdu-daegan Trail
(maybe the first "official" one...?)
Created by the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation and
Published by the Korea Tourism Organization
January 2009
This folded-pamphlet appears to be part of a
series, "Trails of Korea" -- but i have never seen
any other publications in this series, will check
about that -- if anyone else knows of any, please
let us know...

It was apparently created by the
Foundation, our Expedition and
Research-Project's once-promised sponsor
(who ended up not paying up), and published by
the KTO (the "Korea Sparkling" logo on each
page).  It uses some of the information that we
gathered and wrote up, but mainly it's standard
and ordinary tourism info and photos from KTO's
archives.  It's intro stole lines from my intro on
original Baekdu-daegan webpage of 2006  --
but not whole paragraphs, only selected  
sentences -- anyway, without permission.  Mostly
fair solid info throughout, although it treats the
Trail as just a series of National Parks.  It does
not mention the "closed trails" within those
parks.  Clearly, whoever wrote this has never
experienced the trail and has little knowledge
about it or feeling for its character or

It has the usual spelling/grammar/usage errors
that plague most Korean tourism publications,
but not too many -- clearly, a native-speaker
worked this up.  Summary, it may be a
fairly-good first-attempt by the tourism
authorities to promote this emerging trail -- but is
far too superficial to be of much help to anyone,
though it may inspire interest in a few...  
Unfortunate that the producers were not
legitimately involved...
New!   Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
"Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine"
By Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch,  with David A. Mason
is finally available for hikers and cultural-explorers!

Reviews, Interviews and Comments on the Guidebook