LEFT:  a male shaman rests in between chanting sessions next to a lovely little waterfall and pond.  Several lit candles and a pile of fruit with other offerings are beside him.  This is a short distance up behind Seon-nyeo-am.
Il-wol-san page 2:  Seon-nyeo-am
[Immortal-woman Hermitage]
(seon-nyeo usually indicates female angels or fairies,
but in this case refers to Hwang-ssi-buin herself)
RIGHT: the portrait of Hwang-ssi-buin enshrined in the Main Hall of Seon-nyeo-am. Her right hand is palm-outwards in a Buddha-like gesture of generousity.  It's hard to say what her left hand is holding -- a long curving pole, or the end of a rainbow...? Offerings of watermelon, bananas and summer-melon are on the left.

LEFT: the abbot of Seon-nyeo-am, a senior shaman, prays deep inside an abandoned coal-mine shaft that he has refurbished as his San-shin-gak. Barely visible above him is the uncarved granite stone that serves as his San-shin icon.  On the altar in front of him stand many lit candles, open bottles of soju (cheap Korean liquor, similar to vodka), and bags of candy.
RIGHT:  myself sitting on a piled-stone outdoor San-shin shrine, built at the confluance of two streams ten minutes up behind Seon-nyeo-am.