page two of    the strong links between
Mountain-spirits & Korean Ginseng
More Images of the Jin-ak-san
San-shin giving medicinal ginseng
to the Korean people at Jinak-san,
from packaging of ginseng products.
This one in particular looks a lot like at traditional Korean ship-jang-saeng-do [ten symbols of
longevity painting].  Indeed, out of the 10 only turtles and clouds
(although there is mist) are missing...
Here are two LABELS of the popular mountain-area health-drink Insam-ju
(ginseng wine, where roots are soaked in
soju [Korean vodka] for 3~36
months, the roots soaking up the toxins from the crude alcohol in exchange
for their sap, which has strong medicinal effects of a
yang nature).  These
particular labels emphasize the
mountain connection, claiming that their
product is made from roots collected from the wild mountain slopes (not
cultivated on ginseng farms), and is thus much more powerful.