The Daedong Paldo Chondo Map
from Kyujanggak Archives,  Seoul National University
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The top-right section, showing Baekdu-san itself as the origin of all Korea's
mountains -- it's depicted in sacred-to-Koreans white, faded to a bit ghostly.
The entire top third.  
the mountain cluster-line on top represents then-inaccessible Manchuria.
The depiction of Geumgang-san, the Diamond Mountains.
Only these two are shown as special white clusters, indicating their high comparative importance.
the middle section
Gyeryong-san and the Geum-gang River on this map
the lower section
Jiri-san and the Seomjin-gang River on this map
It has a fairly low level of accuracy, both in the exact shape of the
peninsula and the exact position and shape of key mountains.  It
emphasizes the Taebaek-sanmaek Range, from Baekdu-san down to
Busan along the East Coast, rather than the Baekdu-daegan Range.