Dr. Zo Zayong
[Jo Ja-yong]
4258~4333  (1925~2000)
Korea's Champion
of its Folk-Arts
and Traditional Religions
"Dr. Zo Zayong [Jo Ja-yong] passed away due to a heart attack on January 30th
2000, or the 24th day of the 12th moon in 4332, by the Korean calendar.  He
was a full 74 years old, but still energetically doing the work he loved.  All those
who love the traditional culture of Korea know and honor his name.

We his students and followers call him
Horae seon-saeng-nim.  "Horae" is an
affectionate term for a tiger, referring to his physical resemblance to Korea's
national animal, his fierce devotion to preserving traditional culture, and his
harsh but loving temper.  In the 1970s he first became famous for his promotion
of unique Korean folk-paintings of tigers, and now his body lies entombed
beneath a huge rock-outcropping [
bawi] which resembles a tiger's face.  "Seon-
" is a highly honorific title of a teacher, and our Horae was one of the
best -- educating the spirits of all, regardless of nationality or social standing."

myself in Korean clothing,
offering rice-wine at Zo
Zayong's 100-days-after-
death ritual, in his
compound at Sogni-san,
April 2000.   Photo by Dirk
Schlottmann of Germany.