"Kut" Shamanic Ritual
for the Spirit of Dr. Zo Zayong
4337, 7th Moon, 19th Day      or  9/03/2004
The Sam-shin-dang [Three Spirits Shrine] built by "Horae" Zo Zayong in 1988 as
the primary center of the Sam-shin-hoi-gwan [Three Spirits Association Compound]
at Sogni-san [Remote from the Mundane World Mountains] National Park.
Manshin Kim Keum-hwa, 72, Korea's best-
known Shaman, sets up to do a breif "
shamanic-ritual-ceremony for the spirit of Zo.  
Designated as a "Human National Treasure by
the Korean government, she has been a friend
of Dr. Zo for decades.  To have her with us
was an honor.  Horae's spirit spoke to each of
us in-turn, through her.
The San-shin [mountains]
, Chil-seong [7 Stars,
Heavens] (above left)
[waters] (left)
icons and wooden-tablets
in the shrine.  To the left
of Chil-seong is the tablet
for Sam-shin-halmoni
[Three-Spirits Grandmother]
representing Humanity
& its fecundity, uniting
the other three.
Spirit-dispersing prayer-ritual
gathering after the ceremony