Sogni-san Beobju-sa
with my KyungHee Students
Friday November 10th, 2006
Professor David A. Mason
College of Hotel and Tourism Management, KyungHee University, Seoul
at the Minister-rank Pine-tree, Beobju-sa-ipgu
Beobju-sa, one of Korea's Top-6 Temples
the iron Flagpole, stone Lotus and
Unified-Shilla-carved Amita-bul
Main Hall, Four-Instruments Pavilion, and Mountains
The great bronze standing Mireuk,   and one interior altar of the Palsang-jeon Pagoda
the Samseong-gak, and its new Sanshin-do
Everybody at the End of the Tour
Shots of myself acting as Tour-Guide on this trip, taken by student Choi Woo-hyuk:
with Professor Kim Cheong-seong