Partial Ship-jangsaeng Motif on a
Late Joseon Dynasty
Bujeok Coin
in the Bank of Korea Money Museum, Seoul
Of the 12 ship-jangsaeng elements, this coin includes mountains and pine-trees
on its sides, deer and
bullocho below, and sun, crane, clouds and what appears
to be a pine-cone at the top -- or is that intended to be a turtle...??  And so 7 or
8 of the possible 12 are represented here.  This coin displayed in the Bank of
Korea Money Museum is not dated, but said only to be from the 19th century.  
It was not a form of currency, but a bujeok amulet worn on the neck or hanging
on clothing to bring good fortune to the bearer.
Four red-blue eum-yang symbols are between four Hanja characters are in the center.
The characters are:  
吾君萬年  오군만년  o-gun man-nyeon, "my lord 10,000 years!",
which should be understood as an exclamation to wish for eternal blessing / prosperity.