19th-Century Palace Doors
Ship-jangsaeng motifs with the Royal Il-wol O-ak [Sun-Moon
Five-Peaks] motif
Changdeok-gung Palace Collection, Seoul
Set of Sliding-doors painted with Ship-jangsaeng #1, Changdeok-gung Palace Collection, 18th Century
Front Door of Set of Four Folding-doors painted with Ship-jangsaeng motifs, and in
an extremely rare and meaningful case, including the
O-ak "Five Nation-Guardian
Peaks" motif and the
Il-wol Sun-and-Moon motif -- this makes it a truly "royal"
artwork, as the Il-wol O-ak motifs were usually only used behing the King's Throne
-- in Changdeok-gung Palace Collection, 18th Century.
Left-side Doors, with the Moon
Back / Central Doors, O-ak Five Peaks motif with Ship-jangsaeng
Right-side Doors, with the Sun