Ship-jangsaeng Motif
on a Late Joseon Dynasty 1866
Chimney Wall-Panel Decoration
in Gyeongbok-gung Palace

ored and unveiled in 2017,  in Bugak-san Jongno-gu District, Seoul
This painted-clay wall-panel decorating the front wall of a multiple chimney contains the ten
classical ship-jangsaeng elements, except that "mountains" is not shown, and quite a few
more auspicious plants and birds including lotus and grapes.  It was made in 1866 when
Gyeongbok-gung Palace was rebuilt in grand style, but hidden from the public eye since
the Japanese colonialists destroyed most of the palace and changed its configuration.  
As part of the refurbishment efforts underway since 1995, it was restored and the eastern
courtyard housing it was opened to the public in 2017 -- instantly becoming a popular sight.