19th-Century San-shin  Mountain-Spirit  Painting
Emille Museum Collection, #3
original enshrinement and artist unknown
This was another of Dr. Zo's personal favorites, a truly-great antique.  San-shin's holds a bullocho
[mushroom of immortality in his left hand, while the right pets his tiger -- an overweight black-and-white charming-
housecat with emerald eyes!!  This bizarre folkish tiger was unique, but has been copied in some modern San-
shin icons.  There is no halo around the main figure's head.  The is one
dongja boy-attendant with flying-scarf,
offering a phallic root, two speckled peaches-of-immortality and what is either a flower or a pomegranate.  
Besides a pine-tree, a thin waterfall, a huge semi-tropical leaf and some flowers, the background features a half-
hidden Sun rising behind swirling clouds and three stylized mountain-peaks.  All together, an extraordinary icon!