18th-Century San-shin  Mountain-Spirit  Painting
Emille Museum Collection, #2
original enshrinement and artist unknown
This great antique was one of Dr. Zo's personal favorites.  San-shin's hands are empty, just resting on
his knees.  Meanwhile, the white halo around his head looks like a Full Moon rising behind him, beaming its light
over the tiger!!  The siberian tiger, extra-sacred because all-white, is amusingly sleepy.   An alert  
dongja boy-
attendant holds a
Seon meditation-master's fly-wisk.  Note the willow-leaf-mantle on his shoulders and belt of
paulowina leaves around his waist -- these motifs signify connection with Korea's mythical founder-king Dan-gun
Wanggeom.  All these noted motifs are quite rare -- and therefore important, in light of this icon's old age.
The above antique was
copied by Horae himself in
exact detail to make this new
version, in the late 1990s.