Mountain-spirit Shrines and Icons found on
the South Coast of South Jeolla Province, November 2002
This Page: Jin-do Island - part two
ABOVE: At the tiny Hyang-jeon-sa, the San-shin painting is
ordinary except for the leafy garlands on the heads of the
boy-servants, almost Greco-Roman.

RIGHT: the small, new and shamanic Yak-cheon-sa
[Medicine-Heaven Temple] has a unique backyard
Mountain-spirit Shrine, built around a round white chunk of
granite on which simply "San-shin-ji-ui" [Symbol of
Mountain-spirit] is carved.
"Ya never know what you'll find, in the strangest of places":  the small and remote Yong-jang-sa
[Dragon-guardian Temple], in north-eastern Jin-do near a historic Koryeo-Dynasty
Mountain-fortress, hosts one of the best modern San-shin paintings I have ever found, with four
servants and a wonderfully detailed background rich in symbols of health, virtue, longevity and
enlightenment -- with the unique addition of the peacock-like bird on the right...  This "mandala" of
Nature's wisdom and beneficent cornucopia is comparable to
this one way up at the opposite end
of the nation!