Our trip to the South Coast of Korea,
November 2002,  Page 3
The incredible Hyang-il-am!
The [Rising-Sun Hermitage] is one of Korea's three special temples for worshipping the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
Founded by Korea's unique religious-genius "Great Master Wonhyo" in 644 AD, it's now part of the Dado-hae Coastal National Park.  It perches within a jumble of gigantic broken boulders piled 200 meters (600 feet) high on the southern tip of Dolsan Island, itself on the southern tip of the Yeosu Peninsula, on Korea's mid-south coast.  It's a very long drive to get down there, but well-worth it.
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Hyang-il-am was one of the last of the 40 places we visited on this 6-day trip, and we thought it was the best of them all.
the view up the southeasten coast of Dolsan Island from Hyangil-am.
(these three pages contain the best "tourist" photos we took on this 6-day driving-trip.  The Mountain-spirit-related shots we collected at the 34 temples we visited, if you're interested in them, can be seen starting here).