Our trip to the Remote South Coast of
South Jeolla Province, November 2002
We drove around the remote southern coastal areas of South Jeolla Province for 6 days and nights in early November 2002.  Most of the weather was great, and we had a very nice time.  The photos on this page are from our first two days, spent on Jin-do (Korea's 4th- largest island).  Not many visitors come here, except in the summer, although it's famous for the Jindo Dogs, some unique Shamanism, and seafood specialties.  We were quite surprised to find another Filipina here, waitressing in a restaurant!
The "Great Jindo Bridge", from the Jin Island side.
The Namdo Fortress, at the southern end.
Overlooking the historic Jindo Strait, from a hill.
The charming Unlim-sanbang [Cloud-Forest Mountain-Room] was the studio of a famous Oriental-syle Korean painter of the 20th century.  Above, two workers are putting fresh straw-thatch on one of the roofs -- a really rare sight these days!
The amazing Geum-gol-san [Golden Cave Mountain] dominates the northern sector of Jin-do.  It's the host of Hae-eon-sa Temple.  We climbed the steep trails to the peak, then down the sheer face to where a Buddha was carved hundreds of years ago.  An even more ancient 5-story pagoda stands at the base of the mountain.